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Jakob is an Arctic Legal Services Partner in Iceland. Jakob is specialised in Commercial Law and has diverse experience legal services in the fields of financial and corporate law, including giving advice on corporate restructuring, establishment of businesses, incorporation, transfer of shares or assets, bankruptcy, mergers and demergers, capital decrease and increase, including legal support of the issue of shares, and liquidation of companies. Also, Jakob focuses on Tax Law, tax planning and tax consultancy services, especially the Icelandic tax treatment of mergers, spin-offs, split-ups and liquidation transactions, corporate tax appeals, and developing tax-efficient deal structures. 

Jakob possess extensive knowledge and experience of most aspects of business and provides universal services to clients regarding both general and specialised legal matters that arise in business operations.


Jakob commenced his career with Deloitte Tax & Legal Department in 2010, before establishing Arctic Legal Services. Before joining Deloitte, he worked at the Internal Revenue Directorate in Iceland. Prior to that, he worked for The Directorate of Tax Investigations in Iceland. 

Jakob is a member of the Icelandic Bar Association.

Education and qualifications

  • Admitted to the Icelandic Bar Association 
  • Certified real-estate agent, business and ship broker in Iceland
  • Certificate as a rental agent in Iceland
  • Master's Degree (ML) in Law from Reykjavik University
  • Bachelor of Laws (BA) from Reykjavik University 

Teaching and lectures

Jakob is teaching courses at the University of Iceland, along with other teachings, as well as holding numerous lectures on tax and company law.

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Mobile: +354 661 1191


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